Artistic creation and performers: Petri Tuominen, Rauli Kosonen, Kalle Lehto, Odilon Pindat, Mikko Karhu ja Mikko Rinnevuori.
Light design: Jere Mönkkönen ja Klasu Eklund
Sound Design: Sami Tammela
Producer: Sari Laksi

The performance contains flashing lights and strong visual effects.

Picture: Petter Hellman

HEADLINER: Race Horse Company (FIN)


Super Sunday smirks at death and has a pack of wild men charging further and fiercer than ever before. The wheel of death, the human catapult, the teeterboard… can you survive them if you have no faith? Super Sunday is a rollercoaster ride that’s off the tracks. The company is known for their black brand of humour, boneheaded attitude and commitment to always giving it their all. The company, established in 2008, has grown to be the leading contemporary circus ensemble in Finland and now has a packed schedule of performances in Europe, North-America, Russia and Australia.

Buy ticket | MON 24.8 19:00 | Nordea Concert Hall
Buy ticket | TUE 25.8 19:00 | Nordea Concert Hall

Tickets from Piletilevi | Price: 19.50-55.50€

Suitable for ages 7+ | Duration: 1h 50min, with intermission

Directors: Kaja Lindal ja Terje Bernadt
Choreography: Kaja Lindal
Sound Design: Olger Bernadt
Sound Design: Priidu Adlas
Art director: Maarja Roolaht

Artists: Folie VIU grupp ja Kaupo Pilder
Picture: Rünno Lahesoo

Circus Studio Folie (EST)


Reaching true peace and silence in yourself and around you is not as easy as it might sound. We often associate silence with being alone. But we might also feel alone while being among other people. When are we truly alone and what does noise mean?

Circus Studio Folie is a circus studio established in 2000, Tallinn. It has grown into an internationally active circus organisation. The performance "Silence" was created to celebrate Folie's 15th anniversary.

Buy ticket | WED 26 August 17:30 Premiere | Kumu Auditorium

Tickets from Piletilevi | Price: 10/7€

Suitable for ages 5+ | Duration: 50min

Concept: Salla Hakanpää & töögrupp
Direction: Ville Walo
Performer: Salla Hakanpää
Sound design: Tuuli Kyttälä
Costumes and stage design: Anne Jämsä
Light design: Ainu Palmu
Filming: Teemu Liakka
Editing: Matias Boettge
Production: WHS ja Zero Gravity Company
Co-production: CIRKO – Center for New Circus

Picture: Tom Hakala

Salla Hakanpää ja WHS (FIN)


A woman. Rope. Water. Magical images of weightlessness. A rope hangs above an empty stage and stealthily it begins to spin. The motion of the twist grows bigger, until the entire rope wriggles and squirms in the air as if haunted by an invisible force, inviting the performer to the stage. Surface-brushing movement ties the eye to the rope's strong fibres. The rising swirl pulls along, grips intertwine tightly and feet take off from the ground. Reflections ripple on surfaces, spilling on spectator's skin.

Buy ticket | THU 27 August 19:00 | Kumu Auditorium

Tickets from Piletilevi | Price: 19/14€

Suitable for ages 12+ | Duration: 40min

Choreographer / Director: Cristian Coumin & Cie BettiCombo
Playwright: Cie BettiCombo
Cast: Francesco Caspani, Ilaria Senter, Fabrizio Rosselli
Lighting design: Hélène Tourmente
Creation Assistant: Dominiqe Habouzit
Photography: Photolosa

Picture: Ian Grandjean

BettiCombo (FRA)


Everyone has his own Tower of Babel. Two men and a woman, plastic buckets, two ukuleles. From this matter, they will hold their aspirations the highest. While building unlikely constructions, unpredictable balances, meticulous and sometimes derisory actions, the trio plunges us into a happy and accepted uncertainty. The success put on depth, the private shows up, and all this mess delights us with an oblivious freedom a bit crazy. In this play deeply alive the pleasure of doing and being is a contagious pleasure. Ode to joy.

Buy ticket | FRI 28 August 20:00 | Kumu Auditorium
Buy ticket | SAT 29 August 14:00 | Kumu Auditorium

Tickets from Piletilevi | Price 15/10€

Suitable for ages 6+ | Duration: 50min

Grete Gross, Ireen Peegel (EST)


Grete Gross "Confines”

"Confines" tells a story of a dried up young woman and her way to learning to accept and love herself and the world around her. It is the first full-length solo performance by Grete Gross, connecting in itself the technical precision of circus, poetry and visual art.

Ireen Peegel ''Con t act&Con t rast”

"Con t act&Con t rast" is Ireen Peegel's debut performance's first part. The act consist of different pictures and moments that everyone of us has experienced before. Some for real, some from TV and some of us have been at the scene. We are all so special and different, while there is still a border where everyone is the same. This line consists of human feelings like love, pain, anger and warmth. In conclusion you can say that the act talks about how a human is still a human.

Buy ticket | SAT 29 August 19:30 | Kumu Auditorium

Tickets from Piletilevi | Price: 12/8€

Suitable for ages 10+ | Duration: 50min

A show created by: Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS and Rui HORTA
Interpreted by: Joao Paulo DOS SANTOS
Music by: Tiago CERQUEIRA and Vitor JOAQUIM
Costumes by : Pedro DOS SANTOS
Light design: Rui HORTA
Production: Claire Perret

O Ultimo Momento (FRA)


Contigo is a circusduet of a dancer with a Chinese acrobat pole. ​This show deals with their different perceptions of their bodies and objects. On an empty scene, with some objects, a chinese mast and above all a body, João expresses his anger and his masterly skills between the sky and the earth, but also his exhaustion and his loneliness. "My aim is not to be or not to be a dancer but to be in harmony with the chinese pole and with my body".

SAT 29 August 21:00 | GAG, Suur-Kloostri 16

FRI 28.8 Closed event | SAT 29.8 Free entrance

Suitable for ages 7+ | Duration: 45min

Magic Thor (SWE)


It´s a brutal mix of vaudeville, magic, juggling and stand-up. Verbal graffiti mixed with physical comedy. No matter if it´s a show in a Theater, Street Festival Magic Thor has seduced, horrified and enchanted audiences of all ages around the world. Don't miss it!

THU 27.08 at 17:30 | Kadrioru Park, Opening of the Circus Alley
FRI 28.08 at 18:00 | Kadrioru Park
SAT 29.08 at 12:00 | Kadrioru Park
SAT 29.08 at 17:30 | Old Town
SAT 29.08 at 19:45 | Old Town


Suitable for all ages | Duration: 1h

Autor:Tulegrupp Flameous
Artistid: Liina Eller, Maarja Roolaht, Ilmi Laur-Paist, Elyca Edovald, Olavi Laurimaa

Tulegrupp Flameous (EST)


it is dark and bleak without fire. When there is fire, it's light and warm. But does this fact give anyone permission to play with such a powerful and dangerous element as is fire? In this fire-show, the artists will be creating incredible elements with light, indeed literally playing with fire.

SAT 29 August 22:00 | Kadrioru Park

Free entrance

Suitable for all ages | Duration: 20min


During the festival, Kadrioru Park will become a magical land of circus, connecting the art of circus, art of park design and the art of food. Come for a walk in the Circus Alley in Kadrioru Park, drop by the Open Air Circus School, workshops, enjoy a picnic with Piip and Tuut, and much more.

Piip and Tuut Picnic

How about a small picnic with the much loved Piip and Tuut? Grab your picnic basket filled with deliciousness, some people that are dear to you and come to Kadrioru Park on Saturday at 1pm. The picnic will take place between Luigetiik and Kadrioru Castle.

SAT 29.08 | 13:00 Circus Alley

Children's Circus

Folie and friends (EST)

Tsirkusestuudio Folie is celebrating their 15th anniversary. A real circus birthday need happy circus people and their friends. Therefore, the youngest circus stars from Estonia will perform on the Flower Garden stage. Come and join the show!

SAT 29.08 | 14:00 Flower Garden

Rough Connections (SWE)

RouCo is a circus and dance group from Sweden. The members Alessio Motta, Marian Lindgren and Anna-Karin Åberg are all currently studying at University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm. In this production, they explore the communication and connections between people through the language of streetdance and circus.

FRI 28 August | 19:00 Circus Alley
SAT 29 August | 15:30, 21:00 Circus Alley

Juha-Matti Eskelinen (Juhis) (FIN)

Juha-Matti Eskelinen (Juhis) is a fresh graduate from Lahti Circus School, at Circus Tree Festival he will present his newest solo piece. The act takes him up and down along chinese pole, with his head in clouds and mind travelling around, but don't worry, everything goes just as planned... or if not, there's no reason to take it too seriously.

FRI 28 August | Circus Alley
SAT 29 August | Circus Alley